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Warm regards,
Paula Mills
CEO and Founder of Academy of Entrepreneurs


Dear EMIC Team

Thank you for 5+ years of partnership. It has and continues to be delightful working with such a professional and dedicated team.Thank you also for making sure that every student gets personalised attention and advice on how to study the best course – every time.

At Academy of Entrepreneurs, we are honoured to have your support and partnership.
Just like EMIC, we work very hard to make sure that all students (including our Japanese students) get personalised attention so that they can develop their entrepreneurship and leadership skills, as well as turn their ideas into a successful business.

We do so by:

・ Offering classes where students learn from experienced entrepreneurs;
・ Work on real projects from day one;
・ Network with top leaders every week;
・ Exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues;
・ Get coached and mentoring;
・ Receive public speaking training;

・ Get investor pitch training and
・ Exclusive access to our investor network.

At Academy of Entrepreneurs, we teach both Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship.

What is the difference?

Entrepreneur >>  one who builds, organises,
runs and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture,
idea, good or service.

Entrepreneurs are reshaping the economy and society !!

At Academy of Entrepreneur you’ll:

・ Turn your ideas into a successful business
・ Create the perfect business mode
・ Capture your ideal client
・ Develop your leadership skills
・ Get a mentor
・ Pitch to investors 

Intrapreneur >>  an employee of a large corporation who is given
freedom and financial support to create new products, services and systems. ​

Intrapreneurs are saving the future of companies !!

Companies are looking for in intrapreneurs with:

・ Startup mentality
・ Independent thinking
・ Creative solutions
・ Leadership attitude
・ Public speaking skills
・ Project management

Here are some interesting facts on why you should study
Entrepreneurship at Academy of Entrepreneurs’ Sydney Campus

  • Sydney is the biggest tech startup ecosystem in Australia
  • 64% of Australian tech startups are in Sydney
  • Globally, Sydney ranks in the top 16 cities on the Startup Ecosystem Index

And lastly, we would like to invite all EMIC students to stay in touch with us via

Facebook page:

Instagram page:

We look forward to meeting more impressive EMIC students at Academy of Entrepreneurs soon :)

Thank you once again.

Warm regards,
Paula Mills
CEO and Founder of Academy of Entrepreneurs